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What’s the Most Expensive Part of Any Kitchen Remodel?

According to home renovations experts, the kitchen and bathroom are the most expensive rooms to renovate in any house. The main reason why the kitchen is quite expensive to renovate is due to the fact that it requires expensive materials as well as the need to hire professionals for the plumbing, electrical, and mechanical requirements.


Expensive Parts of a Kitchen Remodel


There are several parts of a kitchen remodel that can cost a lot. They’re as follows:

  1. Cabinets


When it comes to any kitchen remodel, the most expensive part would be none other than the cabinets. This part of the kitchen could easily cost around $15,000; it might be even more depending on the size of your kitchen and your location.


The reason why kitchen cabinets are so expensive is that they are crafted with extreme precision and a lot of work has been put into them. Some of the materials that are used in making the kitchen cabinets are of the highest quality, making them quite costly.


  1. Appliances


Another part of the kitchen that will surely cost a lot during renovations are the appliances. Kitchen appliances are already known to be quite expensive and could easily cost about $8,000 for just the regular kind. If you are planning to install some of the latest technological advancements in kitchen appliances, you should expect the expenses to be quite high.


  1. Countertops


Another fundamental part of the kitchen, the countertops will need about $6,000 in your budget. Just like the cabinets, countertops are expensive due to the work and effort that goes into them. The materials that are required to make the countertops are also expensive.


  1. Plumbing and Electrical


Last but not the least, the plumbing and electrical aspects of your kitchen can be quite expensive depending on your current kitchen design. Since you will be paying these professionals for their expertise, tools, and equipment, their services won’t be cheap and you will surely have to set the right kind of budget to avoid problems regarding the payment.


Ways to Save on Kitchen Remodel Costs

Despite kitchen remodeling being costly, there are actually some things that you can do or prepare to lessen the overall expenses. With just the right amount of effort and know-how, you can actually save quite a bit of money from the remodeling through these tips:


  • Avoid Moving the Appliances – As tempting as it may be, moving your appliance will be quite costly because you will have to reinstall some of your gas line, water, and outlets. This will, in turn, require you to hire professionals for our plumbing and electrical needs.
  • Do Some Research – This may be a little bit meticulous on your end but by researching things like the least expensive materials, appliances, etc., you might just be able to save a few grands.
  • Do It Yourself (DIY) – You might not be able to do everything yourself but if you are able to do some of the things like installing cabinets and countertops or some other things, you could save quite a lot on the labor.


Although kitchen remodeling is quite expensive, it is still considered important in some cases. Kitchen remodeling isn’t just for the beautification of your kitchen, it is also one way to ensure that your kitchen will be a safe environment at a time.

Kitchen Remodeling in North Carolina: How Much Does it Cost?

The cost is, without a doubt, one of the most critical factors to determine when you are planning to renovate your kitchen or do an expansion.

This type of project will require you to weigh in the things that you will need and want for your kitchen in line with the current funds you have. 

Planning and preparation are always of great importance when it comes to doing home improvement projects. These will help make the cost a lot easier to control and prevent significant problems in the near future.


So, How Much Is the Cost to Remodel a Kitchen in North Carolina?

The cost to remodel a kitchen in North Carolina would mainly depend on the size of your kitchen, type, and whichever city you are in. For example, here are the typical costs for remodeling kitchens in the following cities:


  • Small or minor kitchen renovations – $11 000 to $16 000
  • Medium or mid-tier kitchen renovations – $22 000 to $32 000
  • Large or advanced kitchen renovations  – $30 000 to $43 000


  • Small or minor kitchen renovations – $40 000 – $55 000
  • Medium or mid-tier kitchen renovations – $56 000 to $80 000
  • Large or advanced kitchen renovations  – $90 000 to $160 000


  • Small or minor kitchen renovations – $20 000 to $25 000
  • Medium or mid-tier kitchen renovations – $60 000 to $65 000
  • Large or advanced kitchen renovations  – $80 000 to $90 000


  • Small or minor kitchen renovations – Average of $21 491
  • Medium or mid-tier kitchen renovations – Average of $63 608
  • Large or advanced kitchen renovations  – Average of $126 902


  • Small or minor kitchen renovations – $11 000 to $15 000
  • Medium or mid-tier kitchen renovations – $22 000 to $30 000
  • Large or advanced kitchen renovations  – $30 000 to $41 000


Of course, the best way to get a more accurate price on how much is the total cost for your kitchen renovation project is by simply requesting a quote.

Finding a kitchen contractor nowadays is pretty easy thanks to the availability of the internet; you could probably do it within just a few minutes or so. Most kitchen contractors will even give you the estimate of your kitchen renovation project for free.


Factors Affecting the Cost

As mentioned earlier, the primary factor that affects the entire cost of your kitchen renovation is the size, type, and the city you are in. 

There are, however, more factors that could affect the overall price of your project. Some examples of these are:

  • Material and Product Selection
  • Kitchen Design
  • Installation and Construction Quality
  • Lighting (Fixtures and Automation)
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Selection of Countertops
  • Trim Work
  • Selection of Cabinets
  • Flooring



Renovating a kitchen is undoubtedly very pricy, but it will be all worth it in the end. Of course, the beauty of your kitchen won’t be the only thing that will be affected by the renovation. 

In fact, you may also see some significant improvements, including reduced energy consumption, improvement of the flow, increased storage capacities, and, most importantly, the safety of your kitchen.